Tire Sales And Service : Car Tire Ring.

Tire Sales And Service

tire sales and service

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United States Ghost Sign

United States Ghost Sign

While I was taking this photo, I was approached by the woman who owns this building and she imformed me all about the sign, the building and the rest of the town. It was wonderful chat with a local who was very proud of her town. This was originally a tack and harness shop and when autos appeared on the scene, the owner took on auto tire sales and service as well. So as near as she can recall, the sign reads "United States" at the top. the center is now unclear but you can still see the word "tire" and then at the bottom reads"sales and service," then last line is "E J Lammer



Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, operates more than 140 commercial tire sales, service, and retread facilities nationwide. Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems has more than 35 on-highway Truck Care Centers operating in 15 states. The centers offer truck operators and fleets with preventative maintenance service and new and retreaded tires, along with 24/7 roadside assistance to get trucks back on the road quickly, reducing downtime.

tire sales and service

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